Hydrogen age

What role will Hydrogen play in future ?

It becomes more and more evident that in future Hydrogen will play a major role.
As the proportion of coal and gas will decrease and more and more regenerative power
(via solar or wind mills) will be generated the new (electric) power must be stored.

Hydrogen can be used as an energy storage and power mobile and stationary applications.


At the H2 Expo in Hamburg, Germany, new solutions have been presented to the public.

Visitors had the opportunity to:

-see a hydrogen powered motorbike

-ride Hydrogen powered cars

-see stationary applications like heating system for decentral power supply

-talk to experts


The following pictures show Hydrogen-powered solutions - presented in Hamburg.

This hydrogen powered motorbike is presented by the british company
intelligent-energy.com. The company will also build taxis that run will Hydrogen.

At Dailmer visitors had the opportunity to see the technique and ride the cars too.

If you are interesed in presenting your Hydrogen powered products on
 this site
feel free to contact me.

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